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Families are Forever

12.07.2011 - By
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We do life together with this family: we share all the fun stuff and walk through all the hard stuff together, too.  I have watched their two little twin girls grow over the past year and a half and it’s been so much fun to share in all the special “beginning” stages with their family.  From the maternity shoot with their mommy almost two years ago, to their newborn photos last April and now, family photos with two one-year-olds!  Piper and Lily are really sweet girls but as toddlers, they both also have their little sassy/spunky sides as well.  I enjoy their smiles as much as their frowns.  Hey, it’s life and life brings all types of emotions and faces with it.  Each fun for me to capture.  Life as it is, unscripted, and beautiful in every way!  I think these black and whites capture each emotion from this day so perfectly!