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Location: Front Yard

01.09.2012 - By
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I wrapped up Hudson’s newborn shoot right around noon and then it was time to take family photos before I left for the day.  We had had some snow fall in Colorado right before I did this shoot in late December and it had been pretty cold outside, but on this particular Sunday afternoon, the sun was warm and inviting.  So, we decided to just “go for it” and got bundled up and went outside for the shoot.  Hmmm….now where to go with a little infant nearby their home that would also give me all the things I needed to shoot in the noonday sun?  Well, how about the front yard?  At first the thought scared me a little since the street was so close (and I didn’t want shots of cars or houses in the background), but we found a great little shady spot by some pine trees and the shots came out great.  I love when the least expected turns out to be something wonderful.