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Why Do Maternity Photos?

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As a rule of thumb, I tend to do maternity sessions for clients around 30-32 weeks of the baby’s gestation.  This is for most mommies the best time to shoot their growing belly because it is big enough to show that they are pregnant, but it is not too big and therefore mommies are not too uncomfortable for all the different poses I have them do!

I especially like doing maternity sessions when we get to include a big brother or sister-to-be because it adds a bit of adventure to the session.  Have you seen a toddler sit nicely for any long period of time? Probably not!  So, that means for these types of sessions that we are active the entire time and I’m challenged to come up with clever and fun ways to get these little guys to stay engaged.  Siblings also add another special element to these types of shoots because most times these are some of the last captured moments mommy has with their big kid(s) until the new baby brother or sister arrives.  It’s a special time together right before another transition comes!

In a recent maternity session with some returning clients, I was hired to do a session right before their newborn son was born.  Literately, right before he was born, I think about 6-7 days before he arrived in fact!  Mom wasn’t sure she could squeeze in the session so late in her pregnancy, but we found the time in both our schedules and she was over the moon when she saw these photos with her little cutie before his brother came.  She was so glad she did them, even at 39 weeks and about to give birth, because it’s so important capture these life moments!  You’ll never get these moments back. Get in the photos, mommies, make those memories!  You’ll never regret it.  Don’t wait to take photos with the ones you love!

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Behind the Scenes at Sonata

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My photography focus is and will always be on maternity, newborns, kids and families so that’s what I will typically blog or post about. However, from time-to-time, I do like to take on other photo projects to challenge me in new ways!  So, this post is about a very faithful client, Sonata, that uses me frequently for various commercial office shoots.  Today, I thought I would take you behind the scenes to a few of my most recent sessions with them!

In the first example below, I was hired to take photos of Dr. Janowski giving an injection treatment to former Miss Teen USA 2007, Hilary.  They plan to use these photos for promotional reasons on their website.

IMG_5277 IMG_5287 IMG_5333

The next round of promotional photos were done with current Miss Colorado Teen USA 2015, Taylor Kelly (with beautiful crown on), and Miss Colorado USA 2015, Talyah Polee (doing a dr. consult), who are both current clients and two of the nicest ladies you’d ever want to meet!


Also, as part of this blog, I wanted to show you a little of my “before” and “after” editing work.  The client liked this photo of their in-house aesthetician giving a treatment (unedited), but they did not like the black cord or bars in the background and asked me to remove them in my final edits.  The next photo is version I delivered to my client with the bars and cord omitted as well as other various edits done to make it a viable promotional photo.


And then one last final one with Dr. Janowski and his ladies where we got to cut loose and have some fun “Nip and Tuck” style! What a great group of people!