10 Degree Day

February 23, 2015 by kimeree13

If you have lived in Colorado for a while, you know that we have some crazy, sometimes unpredictable weather here!  One day it is sunny and warm and the next it is snowing!

I had an afternoon photo session scheduled with the Farr Family and when it got closer to our date to shoot, we realized we were going to have snow!  Most of my families love this and this family was no exception.  The only hiccup was that it was going to be VERY cold, about 10 degrees, which it definitely was!  We talked about it some over email and they really need their photos done soon for a Christmas card, so we decided to go forward with the session and make the best of it.

It was cold that afternoon!  Cold!  I had fingerless gloves on to help keep my hands warm, but even the tips of my fingers still were frozen!  Thankfully it was just a quick mini session and we were in and out of the cold and back in the car within 15 minutes.

The little man in these photos was such a trooper and enjoyed his hot chocolate as a reward for putting up with the riduculous circumstances.  I think the photos turned out great and I’m so lucky to have such great clients that will go with the flow and shoot in our crazy Colorado weather!

FF-17web FF-30nc FF-31 FF-35

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