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September 28, 2013 by kimeree13

Over the last year, I’ve made more and more connections with other moms that also take photos and it’s been so refreshing!  One of those wonderful people is my friend, Mary.  She and I have actually been friends for years, but it was only recently, with my newest pregnancy, did we get the opportunity to start spending more and more time together.  We’ve had a few coffee dates to talk about my upcoming birth photos (she’s in charge of those!) and of course anything else photo- , kid- or even husband-related.  The refreshing part is having a friend who just gets the things you struggle with or loves the same thing you love!

I recently did a session with Mary and her family and was so pleased when she wanted to do something a little more urban.  I think that is more of my “thing” lately!  As much as I love outdoor settings for photos, it is also important to mix it up and challenge me to do something different!  We went to downtown Boulder and walked (and played!) around the alleys and streets behind the Pearl Street Mall.  As any photo mommy knows, photos with your little ones are priceless.  We just don’t get in front of the camera enough!





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