October 24, 2011 by kimeree13

Okay, having a sister is really one of the best things in the world!   My sister is my best friend….now….but we weren’t always best friends, we fought and were competitive in our younger years for sure.  But, we went through our childhood together and now in our adult years those things we went through back then bring us together even closer since we experienced things at the same time, things even our husbands will never understand.  We still do life together, just differently since we live states away from each other.  I took these photos of Brianna and Alexis recently and it reminded me of how cool it is to have a sister.  Through thick and thin, we will always have each other and that is a magical thing indeed!  A fun quote on my coffee mug from Children of the Inner Light, Inc reads: “When I need someone to talk to I know just who to call….when I need love and support, you are always there.  Thank you.  The bonds we have are everlasting.”  Love you, sissy!

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October 24, 2011 10:01 pm

Kari Lovely

You are the BEST!!! Friend..sister…photographer. Wow. The list can go on. You are a true gift and blessing in my life. Love YOU!!!

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