To Hang or Not to Hang

February 18, 2012 by kimeree13

One of the new trend with newborn photographers is to hang babies or suspend them in the air all wrapped up.  While *most* do this very safely, it was never something I was interested in doing without mentoring another newborn photographer that has experience with it.  However, recently, I had a client that insisted we try it, so I did some research on how to do this shot safely and decided to go forward with the shot.  In the end, we did not “hang” the baby or suspend her in air at all.  In this photo, she is resting snuggly on a bean bag chair and her daddy is holding the top part above her to give the allusion that she is hanging.  Mommy was right next to me ensuring that she was safe at all times.  So, here is my first stab at a “suspended” shot.

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