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Red, White & Blue

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I had been wanting to try out a new location with a rustic barn for some future client photo shoots, so when it was time to take Colton’s 21 month photos, we ventured over there to scout it out.  What a cool barn!  The bigger boys played in the dirt with sticks and spilled my bubbles all over the ground while Colton was as sweet as pie for all his photos and did *most* of what I asked him to do.  I cannot believe he’s almost two!

Colton just turned 21 months right after the Fourth of July, so I decided on a red, white and blue type theme for the shoot.  We had the white barn, I dressed Colton in blue and then added the wagon and flag for some red.

IMG_0459IMG_0464We started out taking photos in front of the barn, but as all toddlers do, he quickly tired of that so we walked through the tall grasses and weeds on a little adventure to check out the back of the barn.  These shots were some of my most favorite of Colton to date.  He did a great job of being his natural self and gave me all types of cuteness and sassyness!

IMG_0494  IMG_0505 IMG_0510IMG_0496 IMG_0530He found the Sophie Giraffe that I keep in my camera bag for sessions with infant clients, so we made her part of the shoot as well.  He still delights at the squeaks she makes!  We love this little guy so much and I hope you enjoy all the photos of our special little pumpkin!   IMG_0524 IMG_0526

Kelley & Brian: An Engagement Session

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I have known Kelley all my life and she’s so special to me!  The kids in our two families grew up in Salem, Oregon, and we spent most of our weekends and summer breaks getting into so much mischief together!  I still vividly remember sitting on Kelley’s bedroom floor jamming out to Amy Grant and staying up late at their house many nights during basketball season so our parents could watch the Blazers play on TV together.

Fast forward to 2014, Kelley started dating Brian seriously in the spring and has been smitten with him ever since.  They got engaged last December and will be getting married at the end of July this year.   I will be on vacation on their wedding day and was really bummed that I cannot attend, so I got really excited when we came up with the idea to do an engagement session together.  It was really nice to meet Brian and catch up with Kelley for a bit when I was home in Oregon a few weeks ago.

We took their engagement photos at Willamette University, where I did my MBA and also where I met and married my husband over 10 years ago.  It’s a special place for me for sure and I love shooting on campus because it has such a wide variety of places to take photos!

We met for the shoot just as the sun was about to set and got some gorgeous shots of these two with the setting sun coming through Willamette’s famous “Star Trees.”

KB-25 KB-42KB-33 We also walked over to one of the newer buildings on campus for a few urban style photos. I love this glass wall so much.  Sometimes it looks blue in photos and other times white. They posed, the danced, they laughed!

KB-57 KB-58 KB-61 KB-66

For our last shots together, I told them to relax some more and pretend I wasn’t there.  They did a great job ignoring me and got lost in their moment together.  Sweet and special.  Just as it should be! Love it! Congrats life-long friend, I wish you all the best!

KB-69 KB-73 KB-74

Dexter is One!

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One of the things I like best about my job is that I get to see and capture my clients at all different types of life stages.  In the case with Dexter, I met his parents before he was born for a maternity session.  He was such a small little bean then!

JM-5About a month or so later, Dexter was born and I got to meet him at his home to take some of his very first photos.  Look at those cheeks!

DJM-27Fast forward about a year later and he’s wide-eyed and walking up a storm!  That year just FLEW by!  He had the sweetest smiles and grins for me during his one-year session.  The first part of our session was at one of my favorite local barns.

DM1-3He’s pretty excited about being one!  Kudos to his mom for taking the time to paint his little letters and find him such a cute outfit to wear for his photos!

DM1-24The next part of the shoot was at an open space where we played with balloons and took some more photos with his mom and dad.  He really loved those balloons!  He wanted to touch them sooo bad!

DM1-26 DM1-29 DM1-34 DM1-37 DM1-48Happy first birthday, Dexter!  Little buddy, I hope you have a great year and I look forward to seeing how big you have grown sometime soon!